What I take on holiday to stay on track

Holidays can throw a spanner in the works when it comes to sticking to an exercise and diet programme. You want to enjoy your holiday, but you don’t want to be flying back home upset with the damage you have done to your body. In this article I am going to show you what I take with me to stay on track, and also what kind of holiday mind set works for me.

8 Foods I take on holiday to stay on track

What I am packing this holiday

I am off to the South of France, where my dad lives. So already I have it a little easier because I have a kitchen I can use to prepare my own food. However, I will still be taking some things with me to help stay on track.


  • I want to keep taking creatine as I will need this to keep lifting heavy whilst on a calorie deficit. You will see I have put enough creatine and the scoop into a little food bag. This will go in my check-in luggage.
  • I am also taking protein powder. I am taking this for when I might need a snack or extra protein when out and about. I will also be packing my shaker! I have done the same here and scooped enough into a small food bag.
  • I am taking a few packets of biltong. This is a great snack as it is big enough to satisfy any hunger and also is low in fat and high in protein.
  • Pretzels! I really love this as a snack because it is satisfying, low in fat and high in carbs. I will measure out portions to take with me on trips, or to snack on before dinner (during cocktail hour!)
  • As I follow a lower fat macro split I am taking PBFit peanut butter powder. I found this randomly in the shops and now can’t live without it. Simply mix it with water and you have a good portion of low fat peanut butter. I will put this on rice cakes as a snack.
  • Options sachets. This is for when I have a sweet tooth post dinner but do not want to splurge.
  • Spare food bags. I am taking a few extra as you never know when they will come in handy. You can put any left over food in them, snacks or if you have a buffet at your holiday destination you can pick up snacks to take with you for the day.

Holidays do not equal binge eating

The problem when you are removed from your normal routine is that temptations become harder to resist. Before you go on holiday you need to decide how you want to experience it. I know that I do not feel happy when I treat every holiday meal as a ‘cheat’ meal. Usually by day 3 I feel bloated and unattractive.

I will be treating this holiday as I treat everyday life back at home – everything in moderation. These are some of the ways I do this:

  • If I am going out to eat one evening I will keep my meals low in fat and calories through the day.
  • If I want to have alcohol I will keep my carbohydrates lower to compensate. Every evening at my dads house is ‘cocktail hour’. It is hard to resist!
  • I will choose the one meal each day that I want to experience something different to what I might eat at home. So if I know we are going somewhere that has amazing ice cream, then that will be the ‘meal’ I plan the rest of my food around for that day.
  • I will keep very well hydrated. Being thirsty can be mistaken for being hungry.
  • I will workout. My dad’s house has a well equipped gym and so I will continue with my 3 full body workouts per week.
  • I will be active. Aside from getting in a workout I will be out exploring and most likely running around after my nephews!

A holiday does not have to be the end of your health plan. However, expect to come home a couple of pounds heavier. This is normal and you will be back to your usual self before the end of your first week home.

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