What I eat in a day for fat loss – six easy meals

It is possible to have control over your body and still enjoy your life, for that reason I thought showing you what I ate on an average day might give people some inspiration. This is a day of food during my fat loss phase, and I am successfully reducing my weight each week.

6 meals to fit your fitness goals

My Fat Loss Meals Through Pictures

My Fat Loss Meal Break Down

Meal one – cereal and protein milk

Meal two – cinnamon and raisin bagel with PBfit peanut butter spread

Drink – almond milk iced latte

Meal three – smoothie (0% fat Greek yoghurt, frozen fruit and veg, banana, fresh spinach)

Drink – Coke Zero Cherry (0 calories)

Meal four – salted pretzels (which I had with an alcohol free beer whilst editing a workout video)

Meal five –¬†chicken, broccoli and brown rice

Meal six – 50g of Oppo salted caramel ice cream, 50g of Oppo chocolate ice cream and 2 oat cakes broken over the top

Drink Water for Fat Loss

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I also drink 2-3 litres of water a day. If you struggle to keep your water intake high I have a few tips. First of all invest in a water bottle that you can carry around with you. This way you can refill it during the day and therefore have a higher chance of staying hydrated. In addition, ask yourself what would help you drink more. This may sound odd but I can drink a lot more water in one go from a straw! So I always have a straw!

My Fat Loss Macros

This came to 2072 calories and hit all my macros within 1-2g. Macros are entirely based on you, therefore your macros and calories for fat loss will most likely be different to mine Рunless of course we are the same build and undertake the same amount of exercise. If you want to know what yours are then read my macro series, in particular Part 2 and Part 3.

Do you reduce your carbohydrates for fat loss?

This is a complex area and I won’t be able to fully answer this question here. Suffice to say that I don’t personally like to drop my carbohydrates too low during fat loss. My body runs well on carbs and so I prefer to drop my fat a little more.

Do you need to eat your smallest meal at dinner for fat loss?

I have heard this question a lot. There is no definite answer because it is all down to personal preference. However, what I would say is that just because you decide to eat a large meal for dinner does not mean you will not be able to lose fat. If you are sticking to your overall calories intake necessary for weight loss you will ultimately lose fat.

I post my meals and their nutrition facts every day on my Instagram account. Go follow if you want to see my meals and more.

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