Trying holiday intermittent fasting

I tried intermittent fasting for a short period of time many years ago during my personal training days when I had to get up at 5am to get to the gym. It made life easier not to have to worry about breakfast at that time, and also helped me to keep my macros going for my long working days. In this article I explain how I tried this again over my holiday and how it really worked for me.

How to do holiday intermittent fasting

Why I chose intermittent fasting

I started out my holiday at 61.6kg and I had planned to stick to my usual lifestyle of moderation Рsee my article how I stay on track on holiday. After two days in the South of France staying with my dad  intermittent fasting made sense. Every day our largest meal was at the end of the day, and included alcohol and some higher fat foods like cheese.

What I did

After two days of trying to manage my macros across the entire day, on Monday I started intermittent fasting. During this time I drank water and I had one coffee. I did not set when I was able to break my fast, but listened to my body. So this changed from day to day, sometimes I broke fast at 1200 and sometimes at 1400.

How to exercise around intermittent fasting

When I wanted to use the gym I would exercise after my first meal because I need energy to lift weights, especially after fasting for so many hours. I also included fasted cardio and this would be done just before I broke my fast with my first meal. I found both exercise sessions worked really well.

What I ate

I wanted to keep the bulk of my macros for the evening meal and drinks, and so I kept my meals small, high protein and high volume post fasting.

Did intermittent fasting work?

Yes, 100%! I really enjoyed this way of managing my macros. I felt lean every morning, I had energy and I felt happy with how I looked. The first morning post holiday I weighed 62.9kg and the second morning back I was back to my original weight of 61.6kg.

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Now I am wondering if this is something I would incorporate from time to time now that I am back home.

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