The true meaning of health has been lost

The combination of new technology bringing instant gratification and the obsession with gaining doll-like proportions has meant that ‘getting healthy’ actually means resorting to short-term, usually unhealthy measures.

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In turning to fads, surgery and short term solutions in order to shrink our bodies down (or blow them up depending on the year), we as a nation have forgotten how to eat and move to keep ourselves healthy. In fact, if we had always just eaten and moved in order to keep our bodies healthy we would all be in a far better place aesthetically, and be able to achieve any other physical goals quicker!

What do I mean by this? When you starve your body of the nutrients it needs it will go into survival mode and try to hold on to any fat it can. When your weight loss plateaus you then have to go lower and lower in order to lose any more fat. You are ruining your metabolism and setting yourself up for failure in any future aesthetic goals you may have.

However, if your body has always been fed the carbohydrates, protein and fat that it needed for your height, weight and level of exercise then it will respond much better to any variables you create to achieve a body goal. So that may be to build muscle by lifting weights and eating more, or losing some fat through a slight reduction in calories. Because your body was already in a ‘healthy’ state it can respond well to these outside stimuli.

What if you are not in a ‘healthy’ state? Then usually you have to slowly sort your metabolism out by gradually increasing calories. This not only takes time but also takes such a mental toll as it is incredibly difficult to go from eating very little to more and more.

The take away point? Lets bring health, actual health, back into the world of ‘health and fitness’. You will achieve your aesthetic goals and look after yourself for many years to come.

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