There is a better way to lose fat

The picture to the left is from 2014. I was on a bikini competition prep and I had decided to use Bombshell Fitness for my monthly meal plan and workouts. Even as a personal trainer I had decided to use a company because I believed that they had better knowledge of what it took to get me stage ready. This couldn’t have been further from the truth. I was on 1400 calories, doing one weights workout and two cardio sessions, every day, SIX days a week! This sounds insane to me now, but at the time I believed this is what I had to do.

However, this is now what I would call using all your weapons at once. If you go straight into wanting to lose fat by reducing your calories too low and doing all the cardio you will literally having nothing left in your arsenal to use when you plateau. What do you do next – more cardio and lower calories? That is the way madness lies!

Right now I am pushing my calories up in order to help me gain muscle. When I do come to ‘shred’ at the end of May I will use a method that is the same I use with my online clients who also want to lose some fat.

6 ways to lose fat

  1. Reduce calories – You have to create a calorie deficit in order to lose fat. This can be done by reducing calories consumed and increasing calories burned. The general rule is that to lose 1lb per week you need to reduce your calories by 500 per day. This can be done through both reducing intake and increasing output.
  2. Don’t be in a rush – As I said above, you only have so many weapons so don’t go using them all at once. If you already do a high level of exercise try reducing your calories first by a small increment. I might lower mine by 250 calories taken from my carbohydrates. This works out to 63g. As I currently eat 252g of carbs I would still be eating a whopping 189g per day. That means even when trying to lose fat I could still eat two big bowls of oats, a wholemeal wrap, 130g of white rice and even 100g of Oppo ice cream and still have 47g left.
  3. Track your progress – I advise taking photos and weighing yourself at the start of your weight loss and then one week in weigh yourself on the SAME scales at the SAME time. If your weight is going down, then keep it the same.
  4. When you plateau – If your weight does not change from one week to the next that is when you look back at your arsenal and choose your next weapon. What you choose will depend on: how many calories you are currently eating, if you feel you have enough energy or want to reduce this further, how much exercise you currently do and whether you have time to add in cardio. Choose a weapon that works for you and add this in. Continue to weigh yourself and see how this new weapon helps.
  5. Cardio – when adding cardio apply the same logic. Try a small amount first and see how it helps. This could be one HIIT session added, or ten minutes on the treadmill before and after your upper body workouts etc. When your weight loss plateaus then reassess.
  6. Set a realistic goal – are you competing in a bikini competition or do you just want to feel a bit more confident showing more skin in the summer? If it is the latter you don’t need to go crazy on cardio and calorie reduction.

These are the simple, general rules. Obviously there are tweaks and changes that will be specific to the individual. However, this is a good place to start. If you want to get more information on my tailored lifestyle plans then head over to the contact page.

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