Setting up my 2018 bullet journal

I absolutely adore planning. Not only is it essential but I love all the accessories that come with it! Notebooks, pens, clips, stickers! So when I saw AmandaRachLee‘s 2018 set up I was inspired to try a bullet journal. This is my 2018 bullet journal set up. I will take you through it and explain why I am excited to try this method for 2018.

My 2018 bullet journal set up

Why I chose to try a bullet journal

I had heard a lot about bullet journals through social media. At first I dismissed them as I equated them art work rather than planning. I am not arty, although I do love to practice different handwriting. However, I started looking into it and realised that bullet journal’s give you the freedom to organise your planning to fit you.

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With a bullet journal you can:

  • Include sections each month to plan things specific to you, for example I have a 3RM personal best tracker for my squat, bench and deadlift
  • You can set up your monthly and weekly plans in the format that best suits you. If you don’t like what you have done you can change it up the next month or week
  • You can find tonnes of inspiration for new ways to track and plan your time – I have a bullet journal board on Pinterest where you can find so many ideas.

My bullet journal notebook

I have mentioned before how I love to collect notebooks and I fell in love with Life Noble Notebooks  at the start of this year. The paper is great quality and the ink will not seep through. They come in plain, lined and graph paper. But for me, I fell in love with the stylish covers!

Life noble notebooks
Life Noble Notebooks

Whilst I was in Japan I bought an A5 size with graph paper and so this was an obvious choice for my first bullet journal.

My bullet journal stationary

I am a little obsessed with very fine pens, and have used the Muji 0.25 gel ink pens for a couple of years now. I usually carry a black, red and blue with me. When I was in Japan I went a little over board in the Muji store in Tokyo and also stocked up on many highlighters, different coloured gel pens and pencils.

Having watched other bullet journal videos I have also bought the following:

  • Faber-Castell 4 PITT artist pens in India ink
  • Washi tape in pastel colours
  • WKT7-5C-NC NC5 color set astringency mild color zebra mild liner
A 0.25 Muji gel ink pen

How does the bullet journal help with planning

You can watch the video posted above to see me flip through my 2018 start up. This also has the overview for January. Essentially, the bullet journal uses a funnel system. You start with the year overview (future log), you then have your month overview and finally each week and day.

I will be able to show you how this works after my first week, starting tomorrow January 1st!

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Using the bullet journal to track my mood against productivity

I have included a mood tracker for January. I think it will be interesting to look back over my weeks and see if there is any correlation between my mood and my level of productivity. This should help me to understand what triggers a poor mood and how I can reduce it happening.

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Using my bullet journal to start and keep habits

I listed out my habits that I want to be consistent with and/or start including in my weeks. I think something like this will help me to stay accountable. I work well when I can measure my progress and see success, so I think I will enjoy using this. To do this I wrote the habits down the left hand side of the page, and the days of the month along the top. Every time I stick to that habit I will colour in the box.

I am excited to keep you all updated with my progress and help you plan your 2018 with me!

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