Ready to lose fat in one week?

OK so what do I mean by this? Was the title just click bait? No it wasn’t! I genuinely believe I can help you, in just one week, to lose fat and keep losing fat.

How to lose fat in one week


Losing fat is one thing. We could all do that pretty simply if we just ate a lot less food! Actually the hard bit is keeping the fat off, or understanding why we are gaining weight again. My absolute top bit of advice for anyone struggling to lose fat, or keep fat off, is to track their macros for one week.

What are macros?

Macros (macro nutrients) are protein, carbohydrates and fat.

How do I track them?

IMG_1371[1]I suggest downloading a free food tracking app. My favourite is Myfitnesspal. Tracking is extremely easy! If you eat anything that comes in a package you can simply scan the bar code. Or you can search within the app to find the food that is closest to what you are eating. E.g. ‘One skinless chicken breast’. This app is used the world over and you will definitely be able to find every food product saved onto its database. I have used this in several other countries. As for portion sizes, you can do as I do and measure out your food, OR you can make some guesses.

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However I would suggest for one week to make the effort to weigh out all your food. This is why:

  1. You will know with certainty exactly how much you are eating each day, and your calorific total for the week. This will let you know exactly why you are not losing fat or have gained weight.
  2. You will gain a much better understanding of food. Despite ‘healthy’ food recipes and products saturating the market I am always surprised by how little people truly know what is in their food. You may surprise yourself by how much fat your favourite ‘healthy’ snack bar contains!

Aren’t fats good though?

Fats are not just good, they are essential. As are protein and carbohydrates. However, you eat too much of any good thing and you will still start to put on weight.

What happens after one week?

After one week you may wish to continue tracking what you eat each day. Tracking on the app becomes easier the longer you use it as it remembers all your frequent food, and you can replicate meals onto other days.

After the week you may not want to track your macros anymore, but you will definitely be much more aware of what you are eating, and what you should cut out.

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