No gym, no problem – get a proper holiday workout

When you go away on holiday you don’t want to be worrying about whether you have access to a gym. There are plenty of ways to stay on track and this article is going to show you my favourite accessories to pack, and how to plan a holiday workout programme that you will actually stick to.


  1. Exercise accessories:
    • I really love Bodylastics resistance bands – these are great for hypertrophy and strength training. The bands are lightweight and can be used together to create higher resistance – they even have a label on each to show what the equivalent weight would be (e.g. 5kg). They come with clips, door anchor, ankle bands and handles so you really can replicate most gym exercises with these. There are many brands, this is just the one I use. You don’t have to pack everything. Maybe you know you need to do two upper body workouts whilst away, then just pack those bands and clips you need for that.
    • Thin resistance bands – these are NOT the same as the Bodylastics bands. These are the light weight ones used mainly for glute activation work. I love packing these for high volume leg circuits.
    • Floor sliders – these are flat and lightweight, so easy to pack. These can be included in body-weight exercises to add instability and so more intensity. They are also good for HIIT workouts, such as sliding mountain climbers.
  2. Workout programme:
    • How long are you away for? – If you are not away for too long, maybe a long weekend, ask yourself if it’s really necessary to include any workouts. Maybe use this time as a mental and physical rest so you are ready 100% for the gym when you get back.
    • Be realistic – You are on holiday and so don’t tell yourself you will be up at 6am everyday to do a 60 minute workout. If you don’t stick to this you will feel like you’ve failed and this will impact how you enjoy your holiday. Instead take the first day or two to relax, then see what time of day would actually be best to fit something in. Maybe it is first thing in the morning, or maybe it’s late afternoon when everyone else is having a siesta. You might do 60-90 minutes in the gym at home, but an effective 30 minute workout will keep you consistent and mentally happy whilst on holiday.
    • Will you be active during your holiday? – If you are walking, skiing, swimming etc, factor this in. Its all good cardio!
    • What is your current goal? – If this break is in the middle of some serious prep then you will need to take your holiday workouts more seriously. However, if you are maintaining your weight, or just looking to make sure a holiday doesnt cause too much of an impact then you can be a lot looser with how you incorporate exercise.
    • Make sure to have a mental break – holidayUltimately your body and mind need a break. You are on holiday and you need to enjoy it! Eat the tasty food, have some afternoon drinks and give yourself a break. If you enjoy everything in moderation this will NOT effect your body in the long run.
  3. Remember food counts too! If you know you can be moderate and choose good food options you may even want to take a break from exercise completely whilst away. However, if like me you know you will want to try everything it does help mentally to keep some exercise included.

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