Lose fat even when injured

My boyfriend has recently hurt his back and he won’t be able to get to the gym for a while. If you are a gym bunny you will know how mentally hard it can be not to get in your exercise. It is also difficult not to think f**k it, I can’t exercise so I will just eat what I want. There is no point! But that would be wrong! 

How to lose fat when injured

As a qualified personal trainer I can’t help but get involved with my boyfriends fitness. Rather than let him get frustrated with lack of exercise and not moving forward with his aesthetic goals I advised on the following:

  • Cut back on the carbs – I love carbs, but my boyfriend already followed a lower carb diet than me. It helps him mentally not to eat a lot of non-veg carb when he cant exercise.
  • Add volume foods – I had a little clip of this on my insta-stories. I bought him lots of different veg options that included: broccoli, green beans, salads, asparagus etc.
  • Keep to lean proteins – I bought chicken and leaner red meat (venison).
  • Still have fat – Fats are good for us, and also help with feeling satiated. My boyfriend has been adding some goats cheese, nuts and nut butters to his foods.
  • Try to get some exercise – This all depends on what injury you have. You may be recovering from an operation and require 24/7 bed rest. In that case focus on your diet. However, some injuries allow other forms of exercise. For example, my boyfriend feels very comfortable walking. For some injuries using the stationary bike is perfectly fine. See what works for you.

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