Lifetsyle fat loss phase: week one

For the last six weeks I have been eating in a calorie surplus to try and help me build muscle. Now I want to reduce fat and see the muscle I have built over this time. I call this a ‘lifestyle’ fat loss phase because I am not prepping for a competition or a photo shoot. I am still working full time and I still want to enjoy being social. This being said, how am I going to do this?IMG_0061

My starting point: current physique

I am 5 foot 9 inches and my current weight and body fat % is:

  • 62.9kg/139lbs
  • 23%

I use the Fitbit Aria scale to measure my weight and calipers to measure my fat using the Durnin and Womersley equation.


I am starting this week by reducing my calories through my carbs, so my intake will be:

  • 240g carbs (reduction of 150 calories, or 36g)
  • 176g protein (no change)
  • 63g fat (no change)

Exercise programme

I have created a Push Pull programme for the next 4 weeks that will include heavy lifts, supersets with medium weight and drop sets to increase my heart rate and include cardio. At this point I am not introducing any other cardio. I will continue to try and hit my 10,000 steps a day.

I will be working out 4 times per week and making sure to let my body rest and balance this with work travel, which can put a lot of stress on the body.


I eat fresh, wholefoods most of the time so my nutrition will not change too much. I will make an effort to reduce the number of processed foods (e.g. protein bars) I am eating through the week and if I am eating out I will make sure it fits within my macros and that I make sensible choices.

I will still have the odd glass of alcohol and if I am out and see an amazing dessert I will still eat it! Moderation will be my friend.


I will take:

  • Creatine
  • BCAAs
  • Protein powder post workout

I will be showing everything I eat during the day and results daily on Instagram, so go follow if you are not already! Link is in the side bar.



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