Lifestyle Fat Loss: Week four

The third week of my fat loss plan is when my body started to really respond well. This is now the start of week four and I am definitely feeling leaner and excited for how I will progress.

Week 1 v. Week 4

I will not be making any changes moving into week four, and this is for the following reasons:

  • My body is responding well to the workout programme and macros I have in place
  • This week I have five days to pack up my entire flat and get ready to move into my new home – on top of work. This is enough stress and physical activity without adding anything more to stress my body.

What my lifestyle fat loss plan includes for week four:

  1. The final week of my current push pull programme (I will have been on the programme for a month by the end of this week and so need to change it up again)
  2. I am going to keep my macros exactly the same:
    • Carbs 220g
    • fat 55g
    • Protein 176g
    • Total calories 2079
  3. I am going to keep making time to look after my stress levels, and this includes:
    • Taking 10 minutes out when I need it to clear my mind with meditation using the Calm app
    • Taking days off from the gym, even if it is not a planned rest day
    • Making time to unwind when I finish work, like having a bath
    • Keeping with my sleep schedule of 10pm bedtimes

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