Lifestyle fat loss phase: week two

Last week I started my lifestyle fat loss phase, starting at 62.9kg and 23% body fat. You can see my first progress photos and read more here.

Last week I reduced my calories by 150 which I took solely from carbohydrates. I also started a new push pull split workout programme that includes supersets and drop sets to keep my heart rate up. I am working out 4 times per week and I have no added cardio.

The start of week 2 – down by 1% body fat

My average weight for this week is 62.7kg and my fat % for this week is 22%. My overall weight is down by 0.2kg on average and 1% body fat. This is just one week in and will be water retention, but that’s fine!

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Macros for this week

I am going to reduce my calories again, this time by just over 150 calories, making my macros:

  • Carbs 220g (reduction of 20g)
  • fat 55g (reduction of 8g)
  • Protein 176g (this is staying the same)
  • Total calories 2079

I have chosen to reduce fat as well this week because I prefer to run off higher carbs then fat. This is something I have learnt about my body over time.

Exercise for this week

This is week two of my push pull programme. I haven’t done a push pull split before and I am really enjoying it! There will be no added cardio this week.

For more information on how I am approaching this fat loss take a read of my better way to lose fat article.  I will be following this advice during my lifestyle fat loss phase. You can follow my diet everyday on Instagram – follow the link in the side bar.

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