Lifestyle fat loss phase: week three

The start of week 3 

I am 2 weeks in and my average weight for the second week is 62.4kg. I started out at 62.9kg. It’s not a dramatic weight loss, but you can see from the pictures that visually there is a difference, which will be due to water retention, not necessarily fat loss. My body fat % has remained at 22%.

Start week 3 v. Start week 1

Cheat Meals

I don’t like to use the term ‘cheat meal’ because I don’t like to view food as being bad, or naughty. When I eat out I will make sure to choose foods that have higher nutritional value and that are best for helping me to reach my goals. Options include:

  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Steak
  • Rice
  • New potatoes
  • Sweet potato
  • Salads

Last Thursday I ate out and ordered the Tiger prawns to start and octopus with lentils and sweet potato for a main. It is possible to choose ‘healthier’ options, what is harder is practicing that self control!

I ate a lot of food on Saturday that was high in fat and sugar (birthday celebrations), so I want to make sure I cut back on these food types during the next two weeks.

I have not cut out alcohol but I am not drinking a lot, maybe one to two glasses of something per week – at most. This is more because I am insanely busy and can’t afford any hangovers then due to my weight loss goal!

Macros for this week

I am going to keep my macros exactly the same:

  • Carbs 220g
  • fat 55g
  • Protein 176g
  • Total calories 2079

Exercise for this week

I am going to keep my exercise routine exactly the same using my push pull programme 4 x a week. I will start to include plyometrics after the end of four weeks.

Don’t use all your fat loss weapons at once! Take your time and allow your body to respond! For more information on how I am approaching this fat loss take a read of my better way to lose fat article.  I will be following this advice during my lifestyle fat loss phase. You can follow my diet everyday on Instagram – follow the link in the side bar.

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  1. I also prefer not to use the term “cheat meal” for that exact reason. It’s more about balance for me, and keeping my sanity whilst making small changes to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and pizza and burgers can still be a part of that. Good luck with your journey!

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