How yoga changed the way I dealt with problems in my life

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I was never a yoga girl. I didn’t see the point of bending and contorting on a mat when I could be in the gym gaining real strength. I was also put off by being packed in close to sweaty half naked bodies. Then one day I discovered yin yoga, and an app that streamed classes into the comfort of my own home – and I was reformed!

1 reason yoga changed life

Yin yoga is much slower paced and postures are held for long periods of time. These postures are great for someone like me that spends both long periods of time sat at a desk and likes to lift weights in the gym. My body responded well, and was happy to finally get the stretch that it needed. But how did this come to effect how I approached problems in my life?

The yin yoga teachers speak a lot about sitting in the discomfort of certain poses – not out right shooting pain – that is bad! No this is discomfort. When your mind is constantly nagging you to please move back to a comfortable position, and won’t seem to stay quiet. One teacher explained that holding these poses are a lot like when we approach a difficult situation or moment in our lives. We cannot flee that moment but we must sit in it, and deal with it.

I often try to fix my problems by making immediate changes so I can be done with the pain as quickly as possible. However, yin yoga has taught me that sometimes we need to sit in the pain. It is good for us to be reminded that sometimes situations are difficult or uncomfortable but that we can get through it.  When those situations arise now I take a deep breath and assess my options calmly, and very often doing nothing is actually the better path to take.

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