Healthy Hacks for Very Busy People


Health is what I live and breath, and yet I don’t have time – no, let’s be clear – I do not care for chia seed puddings, soaking beans overnight, juicing things, or adding a million different ingredients for a meal that takes about 30 seconds to eat. I am too busy for this. And this is not an excuse. I work 7 days a week, fit the gym in 4 times per week, track my macros, see my friends and family, attend to all my life admin and manage to keep my boyfriend happy. I am a very busy person. And I choose to do health differently.

Here are my a few of my healthy hacks…


  • Embrace your microwave – many people seem to be anti this cooking device, and each to their own, but it can save you valuable time and still produce tasty, healthy food. I like to buy small portion size packets of broccoli, runner beans and brussel sprouts. You simply pierce the bag and it will steam cook in your microwave. The same goes for rice – buy portion size packets and place in the microwave for one minute! TIP: when it comes to veg, cook it for slightly less than recommended on the pack if, like me, you like your veg to be a little more crunch and a little less mush.
  • Cook in bulk – Any time I turn the oven on it is to cook in bulk. If I am going to cook one portion of sweet potato, or one chicken breast I may as well cook several portions of each. Doing this means you have freshly cooked food you can quickly grab when hunger strikes, or, that you can divvy up into smaller tupperwares ready to take out into the world. If you are at home watching tv, putting kids to bed or cleaning etc, then you are able to put the oven on – end of.
  • Plan ahead – Sounds pretty obvious, but I recommend taking a look at your week ahead and scheduling your gym/exercise time. Yes your diary appointments may move and change, but if you have a set day and time to workout you are far more likely to keep to it.
  • Don’t make life more stressful – I personally do not want the bother of carrying my work clothes, wash bag, make up kit and any hair stuff in order for me to get ready after the gym in the morning. My preference is to workout in the morning when I am working from home, or workout after my meetings are done. This is my preference and it means I carry a lot less around with me, and I feel a lot calmer. Stress produces cortisol, and cortisol (long story short) makes us hold fat. This tip applies to many other areas of my life. For example, I won’t go out to a party/meal/do/anything unless I really have to or I really want to. Nope, sorry. Sometimes saying yes to everything just adds more stress. Don’t be a martyr.
  • Sleeping is cool – The more sleep you get the more productive you will be the next day. If you are a very busy person you will need to be productive 90% of the time, probably. So, try to set a regular sleep schedule (even across your weekend) – I go to bed at 10 every night. Start to wind your brain down closer to bedtime – this could be through having a bath, reading a book, meditating, listening to calming music. Whatever works for you. Then have a regular time that you wake up. I am usually up at 6am, and give myself time to have a good breakfast and coffee before I start another busy day.

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