Fitness plans for a healthy holiday

Positive physical and mental health is a vital foundation for making and retaining successful change. How dedicated you are to looking after your health directly correlates with how dedicated you are to your other goals. During the holiday season our motivation can become slowly chipped at. I know I have more will power on day 1 of December compared to day 26, when I will openly undo the top button of my jeans at the table. However, your year doesn’t have to end feeling unmotivated and bloated. Stay on on top of your fitness routine and it will maintain your motivation and make you feel good. Here is your plan…

Step one, download your December workouts

Luckily for you there is no need to look any further. Right here is your December workout routine! That’s right. And this routine is perfect for the holiday season. Simply click the link, pop in your email and you will have access to the plan.

I have put together a push/pull programme that focuses on hypertrophy. This workout is based on building muscle, and to build muscle you need food – which is why it is perfect for this time of year. What is push/pull? One day you work your ‘push’ muscles and another day you will work your ‘pull’ muscles. The advantages to this style of workout is that you can hit the same muscle groups more than once over your week and you can get a more ‘full body’ type workout in (burning more calories – bonus!)

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Step two, plan out your work days

The worst feeling over the holidays is when you don’t get your work done and it drags into family time. Decide at the start of the month when your family time is going to start and plan your other days accordingly.

Take an overview of the month and mark in what tasks have to be done by when. Once you have completed this step zoom in closer and create an overview for each week, providing the detail on how you will break up your time. It’s easy before a break to think you have to get everything done. You don’t! Prioritise your tasks and get those done first. If you want help with this use my time management planner. You will find it in the resource library with the December workout plan.


Step three, plan your ‘blow out’ days

This time of year usually creates a mix of events you are looking forward to and events you have to go to. My advice is to choose which events you want to fully enjoy, and which will need your will power. Some parties will only seem bearable after a pint of champagne, but you will be so thankful to wake up the next day fresh and productive. Don’t waste the calories and your time the next day on a party that isn’t worth it.

Step four, stick to a routine

Christmas is meant to be a time for family and fun. However, the mix of alcohol, close quarters and the pressure to be happy doesn’t always equal fun! I know that by the third day of pyjama’s, alcohol and eating too much I can feel pretty grumpy. And disgusting. That’s why you need to keep some remnant of your usual fitness routine in place. You have my December workout plan, so that’s one problem sorted.

Next is ensuring you don’t over do it on the food. Enjoy yourself, but stay aware of your boundaries. It is possible to indulge and stay on track.


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Step five, drink water

It sounds like basic survival but at this time of year there are two reasons we don’t drink as much water as we should:

  1. Alcohol takes over
  2. The cold weather

Lets take 2 first. When its cold the last thing you may want to do is drink a cold liquid. Make sure you find some herbal teas you enjoy and add plenty of these into your day.

Now lets talk about alcohol. It is so easy when you are mingling with a glass of champagne to forget about downing glasses of water. But don’t. If you stay hydrated throughout this season you will:

  • combat dry and dull skin
  • reduce hangovers
  • reduce the need for caffeine
  • be able to perform mentally and physically at your optimal level





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