Fat Loss: Beat hunger pangs with volume foods

If you are reducing your calories intake – even gradually like myself – you will benefit from adding in volume foods into your diet. What are volume foods?

Essentially volume foods are so low in calories that you are able to eat large quantities of them to satisfy your hunger pangs during fat loss – or any time!

How to beat hunger pangs with volume food

Foods to include:

  • All green veggies – I love adding a mix of broccoli, green beans and brussel sprouts
  • Lettuce – use this as a wrap or just chop up a load and make large side salads to accompany your main meal.
  • Chopped cucumber – I like to chop up bite size pieces and put some salt and herbs on top to snack on whilst I watch TV.
  • Watermelon – right now this is a favourite of mine as it also satisfies my sweet tooth. The only thing to remember with fruit is that it does still have a sugar count! Sometimes I mix it with a higher ratio of cucumber to lower the amount of sugar I eat.
  • Make your oats go further by choosing any of these additions: egg white, grated courgette or grated carrot. You will not taste the vegetables or egg white but it will thicken up your oats and make you feel a lot fuller.

I will post an update on my fat loss phase, week 2, on Monday. Follow my day to day meals and workouts on Instagram, link in side bar.


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