Easy meal prep for fat loss and muscle building

If you follow guys and girls on Instagram who are prepping for body building competitions then ‘meal prep’ may equal a Sunday of non stop cooking and a kitchen filled with food containers. However, for us folk just trying to be healthy and feel good that is NOT what meal prep is about! In this post I am going to give you my tips and tricks on keeping meal prep simple and easy.

3 tips on meal prepping

Why meal prep?

Meal prep is essentially the grown ups version of having a packed lunch ready for school. The only difference is now we are grown up and think we are too busy to pack one. Where is mum when you need her? However, if you do take your own food you are not just more likely to maintain or create the figure you want, you definitely will! Further, you may even save some pennies. And what isn’t to like about that?

What is meal prep?

Meal prep is just making sure you have food packed for the day that fits in with your health and aesthetic goals. You can cook and pack meals for a few days or just make your meals for the following day. Whatever fits in with your lifestyle.

My top prepping tips!

  1. Make a large batch of protein and carbs. Whenever you have a spare 30-40 minutes, put the oven on and whilst that is heating up line a couple of baking trays with foil. Then lay out your protein and carbs (I like to make large batches of chicken, sweet potato and butternut squash). You can save time by buying meat that is already seasoned or you can do your own. Once cooked either portion it out across several Tupperware to create several meals, or put into one and make a meal on a day by day basis.
  2. Choose time saving options. Whilst following a fancy recipe is great for when you are entertaining guests, for your day to day meals my advice is to keep them simple! I love the small bags of veg that I can steam in the microwave and also microwavable rice. There are so many easy options in the supermarket. these options may be slightly more expensive that buying unprepared food. However, you will be saving money on the food you would other wise be buying out, and also paying a bit more to save time is worth it for me.
  3. Invest in Tupperware you like. If the Tupperware you have is not the right size, leaks or is too heavy then you are not very likely to use it! You can buy plastic or glass food containers in all shapes and sizes now. Choose ones that fit the meal sizes you want to make and that will fit into your bag.

Here’s a clip from my Insta Stories showing how quick and easy meal prep is!

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