Be more productive in 25 minutes

People often say to me ‘How do you fit so much into your day?’ I do get a lot done each day, but it’s not because I am different or special. In this article I am going to tell you about one method I use to make sure I am efficient with my time, and more productive.

How to be more productive in 25 minutes

My ‘Power Working’ method

I use many methods to make sure I use my time efficiently and this article is about the 25 minute ‘power working’ method I use. This method is perfect if you have a task or piece of work that you just cannot get started or keep putting off. It is very simple, I concentrate on that specific piece of work for 25 minutes. I have a 5 minute break and then set my timer again for another 25 minutes. After the third 25 minute session I have a longer break (usually to eat!)

I didn’t realise, but there are many work interval methods. This is the one that works for me.

Block out the world

power work
Noisli chrome extension on my laptop

I don’t just put a timer on. I also put on my noise cancellation headphones and put on my favourite app – Noisli. This app lets me create sounds that help me to concentrate and also has a built in timer.

Left is a snapshot of the Google Chrome extension of the Noisli app – so I just put my headphones straight into my laptop. The app has saved all my different ‘sounds’. Power Work is a mixture of train noises and fans – you might be surprised what sounds work best for you!

Give this ‘Power Working’ method a go and see how it helps. If it does let me know!

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