We all have goals and personal aspirations that we want to achieve. If you are anything like me you want strategies that work in the real world of full time jobs, family, friends and other commitments.

I began What Zoe Does to share these lessons, life experiments and tools for planning newbies to organisational aficionado’s. Whether you  want to completely change your career, overhaul your health, find more freedom, or just use your time better – What Zoe Does is the place for you.

Instead of Googling many different sites and buying a tonnes of different books, you may find my page helpful. 

  • Each week I update my site with stories and advice on self development, growth, productivity and organisation
  • Each month my subscribers get sent a monthly set of planning resources to print, all with a new theme
  • I regularly update my planning library with new resources, including helpful workbooks
  • I give all my subscribers first dibs on give aways and discounts to my Etsy store and course

The What Zoe Does Success Factors

  1. Positive physical and mental health – investing in your health will reap benefits across every aspect of your life
  2. Desire for self-improvement – the ability to look inward and question why you act in certain ways, and accepting how you can respond differently or better in order to get what you want
  3. Good time management and productivity – using your time in the most efficient way is the only way to achieve new goals

Who is Zoe?

I work as a strategist within the health sector. I am 32 years old and live with my husband in London. I have two gorgeous Labradoodle boys, Frank and Rufus. 

I have an absolute passion for planning, and you will always find me with my bullet journal. Organisation is seriously fun for me! I also love to be with my family, eat good food and look after my body.

It genuinely makes me feel sad to hear people unhappy or struggling with their lives. I want to empower females to feel strong, confident and happy in any stage of their life.