A morning routine for a successful day

How many times have you left your home for work in the morning already feeling frazzled and ready for the end of the day? If you don’t start your day right it is difficult to turn the day around. If I am not able to go through my morning routine I find this has a domino effect on the rest of my day. Equally, when I get my morning routine right I set myself up for one win after the other.

Morning person

I am a morning person. Morning really is my favourite part of the day, with all possibilities ahead of you. The earlier I can feasibly get up, the better! OK – I get that not everyone is a morning person, but hear me out. Giving yourself more time in the morning can truly provide HUGE benefits to every part of your day.

Here are my tips to becoming a morning person, and starting every day with a win.

Morning routine
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1. Sort out your sleep time

In order to set yourself up for a good day you MUST have a good sleep. This is coming from someone who has seriously battled with insomnia and disordered sleep patterns. Since I can remember I have associated night time with endless hours lying awake wishing for sleep to take over. I know how painful it can be. I can’t give you a magic formula to help you but I can say keep trying different methods to find one that works. What really helped me was letting go of the need to fall asleep and instead reading a book for enjoyment until my eyelids started to drop. Recently I have enjoyed ASMR YouTube videos to help me relax.

What everyone can do is have a regular bedtime and wake up at the same time each day. Having a routine across the whole 7 days will seriously improve your sleep pattern. I am in bed for 10pm each day and up by 6am. Don’t slam it until you have tried it!

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2. Set your alarm

To get the best start to your day you need to give yourself the gift of time. Rushing in the morning is the quickest way to anxiety, feeling pissed off with the world and brain cloud. I set my alarm for 6am. This gives me time to sort the pups out, make myself a coffee and sit down for me time. After being asleep for 6-8 hours there is nothing better then acclimatising to the world with a coffee and watching my two pups play around on the living room floor. Some people like to meditate, and whilst I fully see the benefit it has never been something I can regularly stick to. So find out what works for you and give yourself a little me time before the frenzy of the day begins.

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3. Prepare the night before

If you can sort something out the night before, then sort it out the night before! These are the things I like to get ready:

  • Clothes – I put my clothes, shoes and bag out or I get the outfit set in my mind
  • My bag – I put in things I know I will need which may be a phone charger, laptop, notebook, lip balm, oyster card, wallet, gym clothes, wash bag…..
  • Meals – this doesn’t have to be a military operation. It may be putting a yoghurt and protein bar to the side of your fridge ready to pack the next day. I usually make double the amount for dinner and put a portion into a Tuppaware.
  • My travel – I get all the train times planned the night before. If your train line is anything like mine then you will need to plan a back up train for when the first one is delayed or cancelled!

4. Quick wins

Start your day with a win, and you will be mentally primed for further wins throughout the day. This may be getting the gym done. It may be allocating time for completing reading you need/want done. Or it could be doing some house admin like putting a wash on, or hanging clothes etc. I find that after having my ‘me time’ in the morning crossing easy tasks off my lists sets up a productive mind set for the rest of the day.

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5. Think of your end goal

One of my free resources is how to set up your goals for each week. If you start your day jotting down the main goals or targets for the day then you are more likely to actually achieve them. People often write down a very long list of things they need to get done. Many of these things could get done on other days or other times. The person has no intention of actually completing it on that said day. This makes your to do list obsolete as you no longer put any authority in it. Instead, write down your main targets for the day and then use my Desk Organisation resource to set up separate to do lists that will help you get things done.

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Remember, if you want to make life changes then it requires doing things differently. Many of my friends and family joke about my bedtime. And maybe if you have read this far you are doubting whether it would suit you. My plea to you is to just try it! Research has shown that people who keep to a regular sleep pattern are more successful at work. This success does not begin and end at work, it translates to all parts of your life!

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