6 reasons good health equals success

How can you achieve your goals if you can’t be consistent and productive? One of my key factors for creating successful change is having positive physical and mental health. In this article I am going to go over 6 reasons why looking after your health will positively impact every part of your life.

6 reasons good health equals success

Lets start with the most obvious reason. If you look after your health you will be in better working condition for longer. You will be more physically able and you are more likely to decrease the risk of disease. There is a direct relationship between wealth and health. But that is not actually what this article is about. It is about the impact good health has on other parts of your psyche and life.

A ‘can do’ attitude

When you first start out adopting a healthier lifestyle you may not notice any difference. This is the main reason people don’t fulfil their health goals. But persevere, because when you lift a heavier weight in the gym, or notice your jeans feeling looser, or even wake up feeling fresh, that is when you can look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘I did it’.

I accomplished that.

No one else helped me. It was my will power and my dedication. This is the feeling that focusing on your health gives you. It makes you realise that if you are consistent and focused that you can make your goals happen.

You feel like a bad ass

That first time in the gym, or even trying a new home workout, can make you feel self conscious. I have had moments when paranoia has taken over and I think people are judging what weight I am lifting, or my technique. If you plough on through those beginning feelings you will one day lift a weight that you couldn’t face before. Or you will smash a workout that you previously couldn’t finish.

There is only one way to describe that moment. You feel like an absolute bad ass. The confidence you build through improving your fitness and strength will extend to all parts of your life. You will have more faith in your ideas, hold your head higher and speak your mind louder.

You will want a routine

As soon as you start focusing on your health you will automatically create a routine for yourself. Routines are often associated with unfun home bodies. It isn’t cool to have a routine. Well, routines are what help you stay consistent. And consistency is what gets you goals.

When you feed your body properly you will notice that it calls out for food at certain times (Check out my ultimate guide to calculating your macros workbook.)  When you are physically active your body will want to rest, you will need an earlier bed time. And you will want to get up early on the weekends. When you are getting results from your healthy lifestyle you will want to plan in your workouts. You will want to plan what new healthy foods to make. You will need to plan that night out with the girls, because you won’t be randomly going to the pub after work any more. You will have other things you need to do.

And surely enough, you start getting other tasks done. Tasks that before you ignored because you couldn’t be bothered. Now they are part of the plan.

You will be energised

That bad ass feeling you get from optimal health will spread to all your goals. You have tasted success in one aspect of your life and now you realise you want it for every part. You may find that your ambitions change, or it may be that you have a new focus on how to achieve them.

You will go to sleep excited to start the next day, and getting out of bed at 6am will no longer be a struggle. 

You will be stronger (mentally)

When you build physical strength and capability it also builds a stronger mind set. You will be better equipped to deal with negative thoughts. One reason is because the little voice inside your head that told you how fat and ugly you are is now silent. Focusing on your health builds a greater sense of self respect. You understand what your body is capable of and you appreciate it.

So when someone at work gives you criticism you are mentally stronger to deal with it. For more on that see my article 6 steps to success: don’t ignore criticism. If you want to start a new business on something you are passionate about you will have the balls to do it.

Health leads to success

Notice I have been referring to success. Not wealth. Success is subjective and it is whatever you and I define it as. By properly investing in your body and mind you will be at your best to meet whatever your definition of success is. That might be building an empire, it might be knowing you can earn an income and look after your kids.

Perhaps you have read this far and think that you have achieved success without once looking after your health. I have one thing to say to that – imagine how much better you could be if you did!?

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