3 Easy Ways to Meal Prep

You don’t have to meal prep like a bikini competitor to get the benefits of ready to go meals in your fridge. By prepping and taking your own meals with you to work or wherever you may be going, you will:prep

  • Never suddenly go hungry (which means less hanger!)
  • Save money by buying less food out
  • Stick to your body composition goals

I work full time and I am usually working from various locations – not one set office. I always take my meals with me. Here are 3 ways to easily fit meal prepping in your current lifestyle:

  1. Make larger batches when cooking – whenever you may cook (every night at dinner, once a week on a Friday night etc.) just make a larger portion and when you dish up your food simply put portions into one or more tuppaware depending on how much you have cooked.
  2. Choose EASY prep foods – I always choose foods I can stick in the oven whilst I am getting ready for work, watching tv or doing foam rolling etc. So, I buy chopped sweet potatoes, Mediterranean vegetables ready to roast and butternut squash that I bake whole and slice after. I have a few tuppaware dishes out ready and as soon as they are cooked I portion them out. In terms of man power this totals about 5-10 minutes. We all have 5-10 minutes! I also use a lot of microwave rice and vegetables.
  3. Choose tuppaware/containers you can easily carry – If you cant fit your food into your work/weekend bag you are never going to want to carry it around with you! Tuppaware comes in so many sizes now, so have a browse and find the sizes that fit you! I bought a range from very small to very large. I also like ones made from glass because they are easy to clean and don’t transfer any odd tastes into my food!

This way of prepping food fits perfectly with flexible eating. If you haven’t yet check out my article on how flexible eating can really enhance your healthy lifestyle.

I have many more tips when it comes to making a healthy lifestyle easily fit your current lifestyle. With all my online clients I assess every aspect of their life and work to help them with their goals. I never give out a generic workout and eating plan. If you want to know more send me a message through my contact page.


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